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The way in which we work has changed forever with an increasing demand on employees to perform at the highest levels for prolonged periods, far in excess of what would be deemed healthy by medical professionals. This has led to an inevitable increase in work related stress, physical and mental exhaustion, emotional breakdown and tragically, suicide.

Having experienced this first hand, I decided to do something about it and created an organisation dedicated to changing the way industry cares for its employees whilst simultaneously providing support, guidance and care for those affected. 

"Intorcida" is the wrapper brand built to house multiple support offerings all focused on reconciling corporate expectations with employee welfare and where needed, provide help to those struggling to find a healthy balance between the two. 

I advise businesses on how to optimise

employee well-being and also help bring teams together to work more cohesively and collaboratively. From one-to-one employee coaching to motivational speaking, everything is designed with one purpose, to help you or your organisation to become happier, healthier and more productive. 


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