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We can often find ourselves feeling like we have a mountain to climb and no idea of how we get to the summit. It can feel overwhelming, demoralising and extremely lonely.

In tandem we tell ourselves that we can't tell anyone about how we feel, particularly when working in a corporate environment. Our fear of failure, losing face or showing weakness prevents us getting the perspective we need to find a route over the top. And sometimes that's exactly when we need to talk to someone neutral and objective and most importantly, someone who has been where we are and found a way through.

I provide 1:1 mentoring and coaching to individual employees helping them get the vital perspective they need and supporting them through their crisis of confidence. Often this leads to the individual choosing to seek professional help themselves, but sometimes just getting the weight off their chest is enough to help them negotiate a route over the top of their personal mountain.

  • Navigating obstacles at work and home

  • Intuition - learning when to trust your instincts and when not to

  • Overcoming professional and personal challenges

  • Managing pressure while achieving targets

  • Creating a healthy work/life balance

  • Team dynamics - lead, learn and contribute 

  • Optimising your performance for mutual benefit

  • Anticipating and mitigating problems

  • Setting realistic & achievable priorities and goals

  • Learn when to say "No"

If you feel you have a colleague or an employee who needs to talk, or, if you yourself need to speak to someone please get in touch via the Contact form

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