Remarkable and inspirational stories of triumph over adversity and the power of human spirit in a post pandemic Europe

eu, me & the kids

Summer 2022 sees the start of an adventure of a lifetime to go deep into the state of mind of the modern EU and understand how mental health has been further affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. With a particular emphasis on male suicide, it is an opportunity to see for myself how others have coped with their mental well-being during a period of unprecedented challenge and uncertainty.

Accompanied by my two beautiful Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Nala and Zia

(a.k.a. "the kids") I will drive over 30,000km visiting as many of the  EU member states as I can and in each aim to meet individuals who found themselves at their lowest point of mental despair but who then summoned the courage, the will and the inner strength to overcome adversity and create a new, brighter future for themselves.

Working with some amazing partners and with the aim of publishing a book in early 2023, I will be documenting my travels and sharing these inspirational stories, as well as sharing videos, photos, drone footage and the soon to be legendary "dogs eye view" videos shot from Nala & Zia's on board Go-Pro's!

If you or your organisation would like to support me in this adventure or help promote the cause, please click the button below or visit "Get Involved" to see how you can help.