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Want to get involved?

A trip like this needs a huge amount of planning, preparation and equipment but most of all, it needs word of mouth to help make it happen. 


I am funding all of this myself but your support in some key areas could make the difference between these inspirational stories being shared with the world or remaining hidden.

If you can help in any of the following areas I would be so grateful:

  • Your nominations for individual stories of triumph over adversity and coping with mental health - I need people from all over the EU to be willing to share their story

  • Charities, Mental Health advocates, Mental Health professionals - for interviews, statistics, facts/figures and local advice

  • Places to camp along the way, places to visit and ideas about where to host live streams. I will publish the final route map as soon as possible.

  • Social Media influencers to help promote the journey and the cause

  • Any and all other help is very welcome so please do get in touch with me by either clicking the email icon below, via Instagram @eu_me_and_the_kids or using the contact page above.

Please note, I am happy to co-promote brands, logos etc and can display on the truck, social media and in all promotion activity.

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