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I am lucky enough to be situated next door to the wonderful Adega de Monte Verdelho winery

In September every year "Vindimas" takes place with a teams of 15-20 people working hard to harvest that years crop of grapes and assisting in the "Adega" to press the grapes and start the winemaking process for that years vintage


The owners of Monte Verdelho have very generously offered guests staying at my farm in September the chance to join this beautiful community event and become part of the "familia" for a couple of days


It's a hard day's work but so very rewarding and enjoyable that you barely even notice the hours fly by

Your day will include refreshments, family lunch, a tour of the Adega and maybe even a bottle of wine to take back to the farm to enjoy that evening

For more information on this extremely personal event, please get in touch via the Contact form

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