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Work hard and play harder, so they say - and I certainly did both in my career - working for and with some of the biggest organisations in Banking, Manufacturing, Retail and Government in the UK, USA, Middle East, Africa, South America, APAC and even French Polynesia.

I made a career as a "Big Deal" sales specialist and account manager but evolved to take on more of the follow on Project Management work, ensuring delivery and completion of that contract, eventually moving into a more "Strategic Enablement" role as I progressed up the ranks.

I was fully committed to my career and the rewards that brought and was never happier than when deeply immersed in a client engagement, even if that meant being away from family and friends for weeks at a time. 

My life revolved around my employers, my colleagues, my clients, my earnings, achieving targets, smashing the competition and being as "successful" as I could be, always chasing an ever growing, ever changing definition of success that was, with hindsight, unachievable

And then, one evening, realising I had alienated my family and friends and completely lost myself along the way, I attempted to take my own life whilst alone in a London hotel room.

It turned out "work hard play harder" wasn't quite the life it was cracked up to be...

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