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"Trust happens when leaders are transparent"

Jack Welch

What we do

With over 150 years of combined experience between the original Core Founders alone, its true to say we have experienced and overcome more than our fair share of business challenges during the hundreds of projects and programmes we have been involved with.


This acquired knowledge has helped us consistently deliver measurable results within Private, Public and 3rd Sector organisations around the world. Furthermore, our careers have exposed us to a diverse and exciting range of industries and sectors, each with their own unique mix of political, cultural, internal and employee sensitivities.

Irrespective of the challenge faced by our clients, our primary focus always remains constant – to use the transferable skills we have developed to deliver solid, measurable results and to demonstrate our confidence in our skills through a willingness to place “skin in the game” by offering Risk/Reward commercial propositions weighted in favour of payment on results.

Whilst not comprehensive, the following list provides a snapshot of where we can help:

Sector Experience

  • Banking/Insurance/Financial Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Facilities & Outsourcing

  • Defence & Central Government

  • Local Government & Councils

  • Retail & FMCG

  • Business Start-up & Entrepreneurship


  • Business Development: GTM Strategy, Client Acquisition/Maturing, Sector Analysis

  • Project Delivery: Design, Supplier Assessment, Contract Assessment, Initiation, Rescue

  • Revenue: Reassignment, Revenue Loss Analysis & Fix, Revenue/Margin Anomaly

  • Personnel: Hiring, Training, Performance Assessment, Mentoring, Motivation

  • Departmental/Regional: Analysis, Review, Opinion, Advice and Change

  • Growth: Opportunity Identification, Preparation, Acquisition, Integration

  • Divestment: Identification, Sale Preparation, Buyer Analysis, Completion

Transferable Skills & Expertise

  • Proposition development

  • Process improvement

  • Training & Mentoring

  • Complex procurement

  • IT & Comms Efficiency

  • Operational Analysis & Improvement

  • Organisational structure

  • Security & Risk Mitigation

  • Board Preparation

  • Supplier Assessment

  • Relationship Management

  • Social Media & Marketing

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