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"The only true source of knowledge is experience"

Albert Einstein

Who are we

We are a small group of highly seasoned corporate veterans who became tired of witnessing organisations spending huge sums hiring “Big Consulting” firms only to regularly watch them fail to deliver to expectation. We built Intorcida to operate in the real world where deep rooted, hands on experience counts far more than big brand, high cost consulting and to deliver the results clients actually deserve from outside consultants. 

Along with our core team, Intorcida utilises a database of vetted "associates" comprising former Chief Executives (CEO's), CIO’s, CFO’s, CTO's, COO’s and other career veterans with many hundreds years of combined experience in industry. When its needed, never unnecessarily and only ever with advance client authority, we work with these associates to provide additional specific knowledge. 


It is the access to this huge pool of real world, "seen it, done it" knowledge that makes the Intorcida proposition so compelling.

From Sales & Marketing to Finance, Process & Operational Control to Organisational Change, from Warehousing & Asset Management to Infrastructure & Departmental Rationalisation, whatever your challenge, whatever your industry our goal is simple and straightforward – to provide the advice, guidance and lived experience you need to make smarter, more informed decisions and deliver quantifiable and measurable outcomes.

More about the original founder of Intorcida here.

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