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Performance : Simplicity : Transparency -
The bedrock of any engagement we agree to undertake.

How we do it

Over the years many of us have experienced engagements with consulting firms failing to deliver the results that were promised during the proposal stage.

Scope creep, increased costs, unexpected resource ramp-up (or “Rabbit Consulting” as it is often referred to), unfulfilled deliverables, timeframe slippage and above all, a feeling that somehow the whole client/consultant relationship is a little one sided and usually ends with the client paying the higher cost.

We believe in openness and complete clarity on our shared goals from the first meeting, all underpinned by a shared risk/reward commercial model that penalises failure and rewards results.

This is why we have created a simple engagement framework that ensures that from the first day we meet until the day we leave, we are all working together, on common goals for optimal outcome.


  • An initial video call to introduce Intorcida and gain understanding of the challenge the client is looking to overcome.

  • Follow up F2F meeting to dig deeper into the challenge and determine if we can assist -  if we cannot,  we will tell the client immediately.

  • Presuming we can assist, we may ask for further discussions to focus on particular areas of the challenge or meet relevant personnel prior to proposal.


  • A formal project plan will be created and designed together with the client and fully transparant from the outset - nothing hidden, no catches.

  • A commercial proposal will be designed around a true "Risk-Reward" model and weighted for payment on achievement of agreed results.

  • All expected deliverables, outcomes and results will be agreed up front to ensure no dispute or shifting of goals - clarity is paramount.


  • Deployment of agreed core resource with additional "ad hoc" resource as and when required and only by client consent.

  • Phrased approach as per project plan with regular interim reviews to update client and ensure on time delivery.

  • No changes to scope, resourcing, timeframes etc. without prior approval from client and unless agreed in writing.


  • A formal review with all parties involved throughout the project - any issues are addressed fully.

  • Every aspect checked and re-checked to ensure objectibes have been met and where not met, understood and mitigated.

  • Written client sign off on each agreed objectibe and deliverable with a clear plan to resolve if not approved.

Sign Off

  • Final meeting to discuss overall satisfaction, suggestions for improvement and any future project potential.

  • Request for client endorsement for Intorcida along with agreement to use client name in further marketing *

  • Agreement to pay final fees with clear timeframes for payment.

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